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KEY:     LMB = Let's Move! Blaine     GFI = Grow For It     BES = Blaine Elementary School

Let’s Move! Blaine – Mar. 27, 2017 Minutes                                     Facilitator: Dan Persse
Time:  3:45pm -4:45pm                                                                           Location:  Blaine Elementary Library          

Let’s Move! Blaine (LMB) is active community organization apart of Let’s Move! Cities, Towns and Counties.

Vision: Decrease childhood obesity within a generation by promoting healthy lifestyles.

Mission: The Let’s Move! Blaine Coalition is an active participant in combating childhood obesity locally by linking community resources with schools and families.

Present: Dan Persse,  Heidi Holmes,  Mardi Solomon,  Kelle Rankin-Sunter,  Jaclyn Sanders, GUEST: Kari Holly - Blaine PTO 

1.Approval of the Mar. 06, 2017 Minutes
- Kelle moved to approve the minutes and Mardi second’ it.

2.Treasurer’s Report: LMB Account balance(s):
Financial Changes since last meeting (Mar.06, 2017):
Let’s Move Blaine (LMB) – General = $593.03 (compared to $685.03)
Chk. 110: Dan Persse – $42 Bellwood Acres Expenses for Math Night Support at BES
Chk. 135: BBBPRD#2 - $50 Kid’s Karnival Donation Support
LMB – Run to the Border / Holiday Lights Dash = $1147.80
LMB – Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies = $0
Whatcom Community Foundation Support Grant = $8,280.26 (compared to $8,430.26)
Umpqua Bank Balance as of 02-28-17 of total assets: $10,021.09
Expected expenditures and deposits: N/A

 3. Meet with BMS PTO about funding for water stations:
- $442 asking fee for water stations

-2 stations in the middle school

-PTSO-$1000 ASB-$500
-Total Cost $1942 for 2 stations for the middle school
-High School is already getting theirs
-Water bottle sales? Price on these.
-Not required to sell water bottles to earn money back, but will ask in the assistance of that.

                    4:26pm-Motion to give $442 by Dan, Heidi Seconds
                   -Discussion: give the money with the idea that future fundraising through healthier options such as water bottles – selling merchandise on our behalf that will help future water stations. As well as offering volunteers during our other LMB events.
                   -Action: Dan will present check with BMS/PTO

                   -First thing in the Fall we are going to do healthy fundraiser options to the Blaine PTO and ASB

4.Grow For It Enrichment Class Update
-Dan received Jaci/Kelle’s updated version, and is now distributing to the BES Students
-Can someone provide a detailed dates for speakers?
- Jaclyn finding material for the soils project.
-Getting beds turned, cleaned and certain plants planted.

5.LMB Website work:
-Heidi talking with GoDaddy about obtaining
-We should have that domain with price already paid

 6.Whatcom Family Community Network Update: Dan
-Working on choosing a bank for the funding from WFCN
-Get a bank account set up for paying Jaclyn
-Fill out a W9 and at the end of the year Jaclyn will pay taxes
-WFCN will be subcontracting Jaclyn
-Jaclyn obtaining business license?

7.Next Meeting?
- We will discuss the design on the water bottles
- Grow For it
- Website
- Next meeting April 24th, 3:45pm @ Blaine Birch Bay Park and Recreation


LMB Meeting Minutes

March 27, 2017

Mission + Vision