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Let’s Move! Blaine – September 28, 2017 Agenda                                        Facilitator: Dan Persse
Time:  3:45pm – 5:15pm                                                                                    Location:  Blaine-Birch Bay Parks and Recreation

Let’s Move! Blaine (LMB) is active community organization apart of Let’s Move! Cities, Towns and Counties.

Vision – Children born today will grow up healthy and active.
Mission – The LMB Coalition links schools and families with community resources to promote the health of our children.

Present: Dan Persse, Heidi Millen, Jaclyn Sanders, Kelle Rankin-Sunter, Mardi Solomon

1. Approval of the August 21, 2017 Minutes:

2. Treasurer’s Report: LMB Account balance(s):
Financial Changes since last meeting (August 21, 2017):
Let’s Move Blaine (LMB) - General Fund: $485.77 (compared to $1078.96)
LMB – Run to the Border (RTTB): $1510.81 (compared to $1708.75)
*Note: LMB will no longer be responsible for financials for Holiday Lights Dash, as it is a Blaine/Birch Bay Park and Recreation District 2 event.*
Whatcom Community Foundation Support Grant: $6006.26 (compared to $6006.26)
WECU Bank Balance as of 9-25-17 of total assets: $8002.84

3. Program Manager Report:

4. Bay Horizon Trail Project Update:

5. Jaclyn's Tentative Monthly List of Duties:

6. Next Meeting?
- Next meeting will be on Monday, November 6th – 3:45pm Blaine Elementary Library

LMB Meeting Agenda

September 28, 2017